Projekt-Nr 25136-06
Administrator RedHat Linux (m/w)

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Position: IT Administration / Support
Projekttyp: Freiberufliche Position (Freelancer)

Supporting Customer in:

  • administration of RHEL 6/RHEL 7 systems
  • deployment of virtual (VMWare) and physical (HPE Proliant) RHEL systems
  • handling of incidents in context of incidents on RHEL Operatingsystems (identify incident and patching to business unit, if problem isn't on OS)
  • monthly implementation of Linux Server Patch installations
  • handling of OTRS service request tickets
  • installation of application packages & -deployments via MicroFocus Server Automation

Searched jobrole: Technical Support Consultant, Intermediate

Required key skills:

  • Linux
  • Operation
  • Skripting, Ansible

Searched profile:

Consultant who is able for proactive monitoring, abiltiy to work in an existing team, more proactive than reactive, speed up the cust team. Has experience in Bash Scripting and Ansible.

Operation time 9-18

Willingness to do a security clearance („Ü2“)

+++ (good), 2-4 yrs.
++++ (excellent), > 4 yrs.
+++ (good), 2-4 yrs.

Geplanter Projektstart: 16.07.2018
Projektende: 31.12.2018
Einsatzort: Berlin
Auslastung: 100%

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