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4 Positionen SAP Developer (m/w) Cockpit/ CLI/ Domain DB / BTP

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Position: Software-Entwicklung / Programmierung
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For our Partner we are looking for 4 developers in the area of Cockpit/ CLI/ Domain DB. The team is located in Germany with CET working hours.

We demand a reasonable time zone overlap with CET to allow pairing.

We demand English or German speaking support.


We are looking for support in the following topics:

For SAP BTP Cockpit:

Web application development based on a modern Java stack with SAPUI5 in the frontend

Work with development tools like IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Git, Node, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins

Improvement of the development infrastructure and tools

Run and optimize release and delivery processes

Improve user flows and visual experience of our UIs

Proactive monitoring of the service instances with Dynatrace, support in case of live-site incidents and handling customer tickets together with the product support team

For CLI:

evelop a multi-platform and extensible CLI application as the central entry point for developers providing the perfect environment to build and manage cloud-native services and business applications on top of the SAP BTP

Use a reactive technology stack based on Go, Spring WebFlux, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, work with development tools like IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Git, Node, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins

Write reliable, fast, and clean code supported by unit and end-to-end tests to deliver quality software

For the Domain DB:

Extend the existing Quality of Service layer with additional metrics (JMX) for database and dependency monitoring. Expert knowledge in SQL is required, SAP ASE proficiency is preferred

Bring innovations, e.g. Hystrix/Resilience4J, to a highly-used and mature project

Visualize system health on existing and new dashboards based on Kibana and Grafana

Work independently and with other developers in an agile team with a high focus on robust, clean and fast implementations

Provided skills should include: Java, JAX-RS, database management (SAP ASE recommended), SQL, DevOps/SRE background, Elasticsearch/Kibana, live & continuous monitoring, usual IDEs, Jenkins, Git.


Skills Needed

Advanced experience with web application development using Java and JavaScript

Experience with cloud-native development on top of cloud platforms, e.g. Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes

Advanced experienced with agile development practices, including test-driven-development, pair programming and code reviews

Fluency in English, German is a plus

Remote per week Over 80%


Geplanter Projektstart: 1.5.2021
Projektende: 31.12.2021
Einsatzort: remote, Walldorf
Auslastung: 4-5 Tage / Woche

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