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01/1994 - Token Ring, Ethernet
Systems Engineer, UB Networks In this position I have been allocated eight accounts for which I am Primary Technical Manager, as well as nine for which I am Backup Technical Manager. These range from small to medium sites, though many of them are multi-national companies. Each of these sites has a different network layout, according to their varying needs. The equipment is a mixture of token ring, ethernet and fibre, concentrators, bridging and routing. Using a portable PC with an analyser program I examine the network and related packet structure, IP addresses to maintain the customers network or to solve any problems the customer may have encountered. All this on-site activity is documented in accordance with ISO-9000 guidelines. Please see attached for comprehensive list of equipment/software I am experienced in Systems Engineer

08/1993 - 01/1994 Clarify
position I oversaw the smooth running of the helpdesk, ensuring that calls were handled and dispatched efficiently. I provided front line support to UBs contracted customers, and maintained the support departments software and technical documentation libraries, as well as controlling the stock of spare equipment for the contracted customers. The Helpdesk was run keeping to a schedule of ISO9000 procedures, in keeping with the companies recent accreditation. This position also entailed attending twice monthly management meetings. Customers calls were logged and tracked using Clarify call logging system I left this position to pursue a career as a systems engineer Helpdesk Supervisor

01/1993 - 08/1993 TCP/IP, Network
position entailed taking calls from customers over the phone and helping to solve their technical problems. These ranged from simple to very complex, with the full support of the more senior engineers. These problems involved such issues as configuration, network PC adapters, software problems involving XNS, TCP/IP Protocol and Network problems such as faults on ethernet, Token Ring and Fibre Help Desk Engineer

01/1992 - 01/1993 Network, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Token Ring, Electronic / Electrical Engineering
position I worked on analogue and digital equipment, down to component level on cards that fit into PCs to allow network connection. These cards run on XNS and TCP/IP protocol languages, which are used on either an ethernet or token ring network Contract Positions Prior to UB Networks D.B.E. (Ferranti), 1 month Working on underwater sonar equipment, involving electronic and mechanical stages. Fault finding down to component level Taxan UK Ltd, 4 months Working on VDUs, monitors and various kinds of printers also image scanners and basic knowledge of DOS commands - associated with the above mentioned products Hewlett Packard, 1 month Working on computer peripherals and some calibration work on frequency counters, digital voltmeters and power supplies ranging between 0 - 40V D.C. 5 amps and 0 - 40 V D.C. 120 amps Base Ten Systems Ltd. M.O.D, 8 months Working on Military M.O.D. work, involving analogue and digital, down to component level. Also working on military systems and sub - systems which are mechanical/analogue/digital Mastersystems (Data Products), 6 months Test/repair down to component level of Modems Multiplexers. Testing of Data Communications boards, such as Voice/Data channel cards and other equipment associated with modems Repair/Test/Network Engineer

12/1990 - 11/1991 Motorola Communications In this position I worked on Analogue and digital equipment involving some RF but mainly AF equipment. Repairing and testing/setting up of AF levels which are associated with the following equipment I have worked on Starnet Modules, Phonett modules that fit into Bases Channel Tunnel Track/Train Modules, London Underground Modules for Bases I have worked on almost every Module that fits into a communication base station, i.e. testing or repairing to component level Test/Repair engineer

03/1988 - 07/1988 Electronic / Electrical Engineering
Electronic Repair Technician, General Datacom This position involved repairing and fault finding on Modems, and some multiplexer work Involving analogue and digital circuitry with microprocessors involved. Also working on analogue linear power supplies Unfortunately my employment with General Datacom was brief as, due to falling profits, the company had to lay off staff Electronic Repair Technician

08/1985 - 03/1988 Electronic / Electrical Engineering
first year I was a tester on mechanical and electronic navigational equipment. I was then promoted to test engineer and moved to another department which tested and repaired Aero navigational equipment I worked on power supplies involving analogue/digital circuitry and fault finding down to component level Test Engineer

06/1982 - 08/1985 Windows, OS/2, Excel, IBM Lotus (Notes/Domino/...), Token Ring, FDDI, TCP/IP, Clarify, Unix General
position involved checking equipment was in good order and working; setting this up for students. Equipment involved D.V.M. Oscilloscope, RF signal gen, power supplies, logic equipment I made leads and connectors and small PCB designs for students to use in their practical assignments Following Tools and software used by me in my Career Experienced in the following Windows for Workgroups 3.11 ms os/2 1.3 ibm os/2 2.11 Os/2 Warp 3.0 connect ibm lan server 3.0 NetAssistant Excel 4 Word 2/6 Lotus Notes Analogue/Digital Equipment RF/AF Equipment D.V.M. Oscilloscope Logic Equipment token ring concentrators token ring bridges&routers fddi concentrators XNS & TCP/IP Protocol languages general pc adapter cards local router Remote Router ACC Bridges hubs concentrators MSDOS ver 5.0 and 6.2 NetDirector management platforms Modems ISO9000 working procedures Apriori Call Logging systems Clarify Database Systems Unix Fundamentals Course Unix NetDirector Management Platform. Unix Boxes i.e. SUN SPARC 5,10,20 THIS CONCLUDES MY C.V. DETAILS Any further information you may ask me, you can call my work number on:- 00-31-79-320-4613 Regards, Eddie Griffiths Special Instructions: Special Junior Lab Technician





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